Child Education Center in Cottage Grove, WI

Kids’ Safari Learning Center is proud to offer a variety of early childhood education programs for children entering pre-kindergarten to fifth grade. Welcoming children in Cottage Grove, WI and surrounding areas, we are a center that celebrates diversity. Our compassionate team works together with families and parents in supporting their child’s mental, physical, intellectual and emotional growth.

Before & After School Program

Kids’ Safari offers a before and after school program for children attending Taylor Prairie, Cottage Grove Elementary Schools or are in fifth grade at Glacial Drumlin. Kids with us before school are driven to school in our own small busses, while kids in our after school program are transported by a contracted school bus from the Monona Grove School District.

Our after school program is designed to engage our children through a well-planned curriculum that provides activities of their choosing, small and large group experiences, outdoor play and opportunities to expand their knowledge in science, technologies, engineering and math (STEM). The curriculum follows the Wisconsin Afterschool Network (WAN) to be the framework for school age programming.

Health & Wellness
Language, Literacy, and Numeracy
Arts and Culture

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education (STEM)
Global Learning

Media & Technology
Social Emotional Development/Character Education
Environmental Learning

Camp Safari Summer Program

Camp Safari is a school age summer camp program that focuses on S.T.E.M. activities. We provide field trips, activities in nature or the creative arts, guest presentations and continued skill building. Each year our camp has a different theme and program! We accept children ages 5 – 10 years (entering K – 5th grade) for Camp Safari. Each age group will engage in developmentally appropriate activities that give every child the opportunity to express themselves in a safe and fun environment.

2018 Camp Information & Calendar

Infant & Toddler Program

At Kids’ Safari, we understand how difficult it can be to leave your infant or toddler behind for the very first time. To help with the transition, we allow parents to visit their little one any time of day, or call us to check in as much as they’d like. We want you to feel comfortable with your child’s new environment and trust their teacher will give them the attention they deserve.

Our learning center establishes simple routines within our infant and toddler program to help establish order. We advise parents to help us maintain these routines by dropping off and picking up their child at times least disruptive to the class.

Your child’s day will consist of:

Arrival Time – A time for parents and teachers to discuss any concerns, special needs, and current care routine, such as eating and sleeping habits.

Sleeping – Infants rest according to their natural sleeping schedule, while toddlers rest according to the center’s routine, unless they prefer to sleep at a different time. Infants sleep in a protective pack-n-play and toddlers lie down on comfortable mats with their favorite blanket. Sleeping times will be recorded in our daily information form for parents.

Eating – Infants and toddlers develop individual eating habits guided by their parents. Your guidance along with your child’s physical and oral signs will help our staff support their eating patterns. All meals and bottles will be recorded in our daily information form for parents.

Diapering – Diapers are checked frequently throughout the day and changed when necessary. Diapering gives us the opportunity to form a connection with your child through one-on-one time.

Discovery Time – From “Peek-a-Boo” and coloring to stacking rings and shape sorters, discovery time provides learning experiences that will fuel your child’s natural curiosity about the world around them.

Preschool Program

Consistent routines and schedules help preschoolers to feel safe and secure while building their confidence in managing their personal behaviors and actions. They also introduce young children to the concept of time and planning.
The Kids’ Safari preschool program begins when our doors open at 6 a.m. with early morning routines, snacks, and transition time for children arriving before 7 a.m.

7 AM – Classrooms come alive, allowing time for signing in, conversations, and the start of routines.

7:45 AM – The Good Morning Group begins the day by establishing a pathway for meaningful discussion and the daily learning activities. Children learn new vocabulary and how to speak in front of / listen to others.

8 AM – A healthy, delicious breakfast is served.

8:30 AM – Children begin daily activities (literacy, investigative studies, gym, library, outdoor play & more)

11:30 AM – 11:50 AM – A family-style lunch is served. Lunch offers a well-balanced diet and meets USDA Food Program requirements.

12:30 PM – Quiet rest time begins. Children can sleep for two hours. If a child hasn’t fallen asleep within 30 minutes, they can play quietly.

2:15 PM – 2:45 PM – Preschool swings back into action. Our staff assists children with putting their belongings away. Snack time.

3 PM – Learning activities, interest areas, and outdoor play resumes.

4:45 PM – Closing routines begin for each classroom. Many parents begin to arrive to pick up their child.

5:15 PM – Children still at the center given several choices in interest areas and time to engage is music and movement or stories. We also provide a small late-afternoon snack.

T4K Program

Kids’ Safari Learning Center partners with the Monona Grove School District to offer the Together 4 Kids program. Together 4 Kids (T4K) is a comprehensive child development program available to all four-year-old children within the Monona Grove School District. T4K is a play-based program designed to nurture the social, emotional ,and early literacy skills of four-year-olds. It does not take the place of kindergarten.

For information about our programs, curriculum, staff or enrollment process, give us a call today at 608.839.9095 . We also invite you to visit our learning center and tour our facility or sit in on a class!