Posting of License, Rules & Regulation

Kids’ Safari Learning Center in Cottage Grove, WI is dedicated to meeting or exceeding the required policies set forth by the DCF 251 Licensing Rules for Group Child Care Centers. The State of Wisconsin Department of Children and Family Services 251 License for Group Child Care for Kids’ Safari is available for viewing next to the parent information board located in the front entryway of the building.

A copy of all violations/compliances from the most recent inspection by a Licensing Specialist of the Wisconsin DCF as well as an exemptions or exceptions of licensing regulations is also posted on the parent information board or can be viewed online at the Wisconsin DCF website.

A copy of the DCF 251 of the Wisconsin DCF Division of Early Care and Education, Licensing Rules for Group Child Care Centers, is located in the Director’s Office or online.

Holiday Closings

Kids’ Safari is a family-friendly learning center that promotes family togetherness for both our families and staff. We close on the following national holidays:

New Year’s Day
President’s Day (staff continuing education)
Good Friday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day
Friday after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Year’s Eve
Two Floating Holidays (determined by Jan. 1st)

All holidays and school closings are deemed paid tuition days. If you have accrued vacation credit, it may be use for a holiday closing with two-week notice.

Contact us today at 608.839.9095 for more information about our enrollment process, programs, or curriculum. A friendly staff member will be happy to assist you!

Registration & Tuition Fees

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ADA & Discrimination Policy

Kids’ Safari Learning Center does NOT discriminate on the basis of age, race, cultural ethnicity, color of skin, gender, gender identity, handicap, socioeconomic status or sexual orientation of prospective or enrolled child(ren) or family in regard to admission, benefit of enrollment, or termination provisions except as to meet requirements for age limitations specified by state licensing.

Kids’ Safari does not discriminate against persons with disabilities on the sole basis of a disability; that is, we provide children and parents with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in our programs and services unless the child’s presence would pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others and/or require a fundamental alteration of our program. We make every effort to provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services needed for effective communication with all children and/or adults with disabilities.

Kids’ Safari is a program that celebrates diversity and maintains a commitment to individual and group success and accomplishment. We are committed to the growth and development of all children. Kids’ Safari does not discriminate on the basis of ability. We believe and value the principles set forth in the American Disabilities Act and will pursue all reasonable accommodations to preserve a positive and comprehensive learning environment for all.

Kids’ Safari strives to create a balanced environment that best suits the needs of all children. It is our anticipation that all children will benefit from a program that values and recognizes the importance of individuality, as well as human similarities. Curriculum and the learning experience will be evaluated and modified to provide success and accomplishment for the abilities and developmental levels of individual children.

Success of an inclusive environment is dependent upon the willingness, acceptance, and cooperation of all parents, children and staff. To uphold the commitment of an educational and supportive program that encompasses such diversity, it is imperative that relations between families and staff are open and encouraging. It is our intention that parents, children, and staff receive the educational and supporting resources that are required to fully implement the curriculum and fundamental nature of this program.

Advocating, communicating and educating is the nucleus for success to develop and maintain an environment that enriches and enhances the lives of our children, families, staff and community.