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Proudly Serving Cottage Grove, WI & Beyond

At Kids’ Safari Learning Center in Cottage Grove, WI, we are proud to have a highly-educated team of administrators, directors, teachers, caregivers and support staff. Every classroom at our center is led by a degree-holding teacher that is dedicated to providing your child with the most rewarding early childhood learning experience possible.

Tim Vial

Owner Email: office@kids-safari.com  Phone:Ext. 4026

Leighanne Dockerty

Administrator Email: leighanned@kids-safari.com  Phone: Ext. 4022

Patty Thomas

Nutritional Manager & Assistant Director Email: pattyt@kids-safari.com  Phone: Ext. 4027

Jennifer Thomas

Classroom Coach Email: jent@kids-safari.com  Phone: Ext. 4025

Tiffany Nix

Classroom Coach Email: tiffanyn@kids-safari.com Phone: Ext. 4025

Jenni Helgeland

Classroom Coach Email: jennih@kids-safari.com  Phone: Ext. 4020

Robin Smekal

Classroom Coach Email: robinr@kids-safari.com  Phone: Ext. 4025

Special Program Staff

Ms. Tricia

Literacy Coordinator & School Age

Ms. Jenni H

Physical Education, School Age Coordinator & Coach  


Here at Kids’ Safari Learning Center we refrain from using the word daycare as a term for our services. We instead use the terms “learning center” or “school” as Kids’ Safari offers more than just a safe place for children to visit while their parents work. Kids’ Safari offers a program and environment that supports the healthy development of a young child’s mind; creating experiences that promote and enhance early learning, setting the foundation for future learning and strong social relationships. We involve children in self-directed and teacher-facilitated learning in math, science, language, literacy, physical, social and emotional development while engaging them in creative and imaginative play that help children discover the world and themselves.

Why is early care and education important?

“Early childhood is a crucial stage of life in terms of a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Growth of mental and physical abilities progress at an astounding rate and a very high proportion of learning takes place from birth through age five. It is a time when children particularly need high quality care and educational experiences. With this in mind, young children need positive early learning experiences to help their intellectual, social and emotional development and this lays the foundation for later school success.”

For children…

“First and foremost, quality care and education in the early years helps children to flourish and make the most of their lives. There is a large body of evidence that demonstrates the long-term beneficial effect of quality care and education for young children’s development.”

For the economy…

“A strong economy depends on people’s skills, creativity, motivation and knowledge. Investment in young children has high economic and social returns, because its impact on people’s skills and dispositions lasts a lifetime.”

For society…

“Quality care and education for young children helps make society more equitable through reducing social and economic disadvantage and strengthening equality.”

KSLC Supports Military Families

Subsidized Child Care & Support for Military Families

Kids’ Safari Learning Center cannot thank military families enough for your dedication to our country and for protecting and supporting our freedoms. It is our honor to partner with Child Care Aware of America (NACCRRA) in an effort to offer tuition assistance for active duty military families. We offer a similar subsidized child care program through General Services Administration (GSA) for eligible active duty members of the U.S. Army.

At Kids’ Safari Learning Center, military families benefit from:

Reduced tuition rates
To determine your family’s eligibility, please visit the NACCRRA Website or the or the U.S. General Services Administration Website (Army)

High-quality care and an unmatched educational experience in a five-star nationally accredited learning center.

Access to a nationally recognized and researched-based curriculum that differentiates learning for children of all developmental levels.

Electronic access to your child’s learning progress, photos and classroom experiences no matter where you are!

Electronic access to your child’s learning progress, photos and classroom experiences no matter where you are!

Veterans Day Luncheon for all veterans and active duty military families.

Troops and their families (at home and overseas) are supported by the collection of items for care packages as well as assistance with at home responsibilities such as yard work, meals, shopping, etc. in the event of deployment.

Contact Kids’ Safari today at 608.839.9095 to learn more about our wonderful team, educational programs, facilities, or if you would like to take steps towards enrolling your child at our center. We look forward to hearing from you!